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Thursday, December 25, 2008 Posted by relentless

Relentless on Big Bang Theory Videos/TV Series Online. What Relentless has to do with Big Bang Theory? You might be asking why in the world that Relentless came to admire the on-going TV series dubbed as Big bang Theory.

To answer this supposed question, the thing really came from a simple suggestion from a friend online. At first I was really unaware of the Big Bang Theory TV series but when the idea came up, I just liked it in almost an instant. The gang that runs Big Bang Theory are just too amazing in pulling up funny conversations.

On the other hand, Relentless has been a nickname that I use for the longest time. One day that I decided to put up a blog, I immediately thought of tapping on Big Bang Theory Online Videos and publish blog posts about them as they become available online. Thus, the Relentless blog on Big Bang Theory.

So what are you waiting for? If you like the Big Bang Theory Full Episodes, you got to get going and head on to my Big Bang Theory Full Episodes postings.

I've also put up some random posts on Naruto Shippuuden Full Episodes, so please check them out too.


Big Bang Theory Full Episodes

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  1. Mr Luca said...

    nice blog, I'm enjoying the big bang episodes to :) I started watching them when they came out on UK TV, but I miss most episodes because I'm usually still working in uni :(
    this blog is like the answer to my prayers! yay
    thanks for posting the vids, keep up the good work!

  2. relentless said...

    Thanks! I'll sure keep this site updated in every episode of big bang theory.. ^^

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