Japan Life: Remembering My Early Days In Japan

Saturday, January 31, 2009 Posted by relentless

I’m quite pleased by how organized the Japanese system is, when it comes to transportation.. Maybe that’s why their car designs are almost like personalized cars, 'coz their public transport is very effecient! You know, when they need to travel without hassle they could always leave their cars and commute instead. Buses have scheduled time of travel. With or without passenger they will leave the station on or before their designated time.

Aahh… I suddenly missed the busy streets of metro manila.. The traffic jams that we encounter almost freakin’ week days.. Tricycle’s that race with big trucks and buses at c5.. hee^_^hee.. Yeah, I missed those.. Even the negotiations with the taxi drivers! ha! ha!

Here in Tsukuba, people seems afraid to make a noise… Well, I think its customary… Filipino’s are often loud people… While the Japanese always consider their neighbors, so that’s why they try to minimize their voices when they talk in public places. I know, there shouldn’t be a point of comparison… But it’s undeniable that, discipline is one factor why Japan is an industrialized country despite its geographic setting.

I wonder when will I experience such efficiency in public transportation in my country? LOL. Well.. Let's hope against hope!!

There’s another thing that I like about this country; their food packaging.. LOL! It’s really mouth watering.. Man, my diet!! =( but then again as a person who lives in a "constant state of dissatisfaction" I have things that I dislike here too..

First and foremost!! The weather! Argh! During summer, even when the sun is already up high, the wind still blows cold… And I hate winter too, it is awful.. It represents the death of everything! And now, it’s winter time again! How can I make the next four months better than they would be otherwise??? Guess, I would never get used to it. But as the famous line goes.. "gambarimasu!!"

Plus, the other thing that sh*ts me here is the cost of living… Living in Japan is quite expensive! Very expensive actually.. I’m trying to get along though.. hehe! Can you imagine just a fancy bling bling for your cellphone costs around ¥1,200!!! Goodness! I know, I know, they have a lower value of money compared to Philippines.. But man, it’s really expensive!!!

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