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Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Posted by relentless

life is so weird…

people are weird…

you know what i find particularly weird?
the obvious fact that people are NUTS..
i mean seriously nuts.
people are crazy as loons..
i find it mind boggling.
but then i look at myself…
and think i'm crazy as anyone else. =)
i have concluded to be human is to be crazy. hehehe
it's very close to existentialism actually..
existentialism says that people live in a more or less constant state of dissatisfaction..

for example…
for many people, or most, or is it all? upon obtaining a thing one has desired for however long one will often tire of it relatively quickly..
50% of all marriages end in divorce… etc etc
but maybe its a glass half full type of thing
the other 50% stay married…
i find life is often a matter of perspective
flip the script and suddenly everything will work out..
hey, it will all work out here sports! hehe

well i can say i have my problems, i know that.
this is a dog eat dog world…
there’s a reason a certain guy said the meek shall inherit the earth
i believe there was Mohammad and he was a brilliant man.
however, humans cannot help being self serving creatures. and i’m human.. do the logic =)
ah, Aristotle was a brilliant man!
someone said.. "just count your blessings, there are a lot of people who suffers more than you do.. life sucks sometimes.. but it has always something good to offer.."
i think that completely misses the point.
well life is complicated…
it is very complicated actually,
people like to simplify things.
stories are the way humans convey ideas and understand…
but complicated matters get simplified into nonsense stories.
hence we have Mohammad, the Qur’an and Allah :)

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