Winter and the Snow that goes with it

Saturday, February 07, 2009 Posted by relentless

Winter in Japan.. new snow is falling.. Like a new love calling.. A second chance to make things alright.. Ah, i love this song.. One of my favorites.. ^^ The song has nothin' to do with this post though. I just remember it. har! =p

I woke up around 6am yesterday and when i looked outside, I felt the winter even more because of the snow! LOL! When I arrived here a year ago, folks here in Tsukuba (Ibaraki prefecture) told me that it's been almost 5 years that they haven't experienced snow during winter. But on early spring last year, it snowed. A welcome for me and my kid? or it's just how weird the weather here is? But I enjoyed watching my neighborhood covered with glazing white crystals - about 4-5cm thick then. The roofs of the buildings, the cars, the streets… Everything in white! What a scene to see… Just like what we see in the movies. I even took a ‘lil walk around. Very serene… ’twas like I'm the only living thing in this place . A very melancholic moment. Mushy eh? haha! It cannot be helped, I'm just human. =p


I hate winter but I like it when it's snowing because its not that cold. Maybe the air is somewhat saturated somewhere in the atmosphere? I dunno really… But, if you try to make snow balls, and play in the snow with your bare hands just like what I did when I first saw the snow in Nikko last year, (Four hours drive from Ibaraki. The snow there is all year round) your hands will hurt like hell! Eek.. It was like my cute ‘lil fingers are being torn and inflamed! Yeah! First time! And it effin’ hurt!!! Believe me, it really does! LOL!!!

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  1. wayan said...

    Wow..It so Nice :D

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