April Fools Prank/Jokes For Parents | April Fools Jokes For The Office

Thursday, April 01, 2010 Posted by relentless

April Fools jokes for parents and April Fools jokes for the office. Do you plan to do one today? Be sure that it'll be great and wont go far like it would break your friendship with your friends or damage your relationship with your parents. April Fools jokes for the office can be tremendously hilarious but make sure it wont make you lose your job.

april-fools Back home when I was little, friends and parents usually pull an April Fools Day joke or prank on me. It was crazy but amusing and I remember having a great fun laughing my heart out like there's no tomorrow. There was an April Fools joke that I can't really forget, where my mom was the culprit. It happened ages ago, I lived in a typical Filipino house before with my parents in the province - the interior is raised from the ground to safeguard us from flood and snakes at night. The house has a cellar. I was busy playing with my siblings when my mom called me to get her gold earring that fell under. So, I immediately run down the cellar and looked for the earring, when I was looking for it underneath, I felt a sudden gash of cold all over my body. My mom poured a pail of water on me! Can you believe that?! It really caught me by surprise. When I got out, my mom gave me a bottle of shampoo and bath soap and told me to take a bath because I'm all wet already and she was laughing on the side seeing how furious I was. LoL!

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