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Watch The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Full Episodes Free Online, Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 17 Online Free.

The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Episode 17 titled as "The Precious Fragmentation". In this episode;
The guys return to the apartment with a large box of random TV and movie collectibles from a garage sale, including a prop version of the One Ring. This turns out to be a prop made for The Lord of the Rings film trilogy, with high value to collectors, and the four promptly argue over who gets to keep it. Leonard eventually remands it to Penny for safekeeping. That night Sheldon sneaks into Leonard's room (where Penny is sleeping) and tries to steal the ring which she is wearing around her neck. She wakes up and punches Sheldon in the face. The next day in the cafeteria Howard, Raj, Sheldon, and Leonard all grab on to it. They decide whoever is the last one holding the ring will get to keep it. Leonard removes himself from contention when Penny shows him the contents of a bag she got from Victoria's Secret. Then Sheldon, Raj, and Howard all fell asleep and let go of the ring, and the next morning Leonard says he sent it back to the original owner, but he kept it hidden in his room. That night Sheldon tries to take the ring and he and Leonard wrestle for it on Leonard's bed. The episode folds with Penny walking out of the room muttering to herself about how she should "go back to dating dumb guys from the gym."
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"Precious" is what Gollum calls the One Ring in The Lord of the Rings, and both Sheldon and Leonard say "My Precious" at one point when holding the Ring. The entire episode references the fact that, throughout Tolkien's trilogy, characters are constantly tempted by the lure of the Ring.

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