Cute Little Sam's Cuppy Cake Song Video

Sunday, August 15, 2010 Posted by relentless

Cuppy-Cake-Song-Video I was searching for random songs in youtube and stumbled upon this video of a very adorable chubby cheek boy lip synching with the Cuppy Cake Song. Amazingly his video got more than 23Million views! Wow. He really is adorable. The boy's name is Sam and even Tyra Banks wasn't able to resist the young boy's charm. The story behind the puffiness of his face, is that he has a rare kidney condition called IGM Nephropathy. Beside the awful side effects of steroids on his body, it gives him life for the past 6years. FYI, Nephrotic Syndrome causes urinary protein wasting and renal failure. The disease is rare and labelled as incurable.

He was born normal just like any other boys, but when he was 3years old, little Sam woke up one day with his body swelling all over. After series of test, specialist then found out by kidney biopsy that his own immune system was attacking his kidneys. In layman's term, antibodies supposed to attack the viruses in one's system, but on little Sam's case they are attacking his kidneys. But regardless of his ailment adorable Sam managed to smile and make others smile too with this cute video below.

Watch Little Sam's Cuppy Cake Song Video:

The video was uploaded by his sister because they thought it was funny. Negative comments affected them at first but later on they realized how they can help to educate people about his disease.

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