Floyd Mayweather trash talking Manny Pacquiao Video

Monday, September 06, 2010 Posted by relentless

Floyd Mayweather trash talking Manny Pacquiao Video. Good Lord, this guy is showing real ignorance. Mayweather do your research man, Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino not a Japanese. Sushi is from Japan! LoL. You're kinda confusing the Asian culture here dude. Why the sudden rant? Because Pacquiao is already fighting Margarito eh? LoL. Classic Mayweather style. He was so quiet when Pacquiao was looking for an opponent. LOL!

I heared that Pacquiao was even willing to accept all blood testing conditions for the November fight, and Mayweather still backed down. Isn't it obvious that Mayweather is afraid of the Pacman?

In this video clip, Mayweather cites many anti-Asian stereotypes and even used racialized humour to ridicule Pacquiao.

All along the video, Mayweather refers to Pacquiao as "Poochie-ao", which is more like a puppy name to many. Foul-mouthed Mayweather also called Pacquiao a "midget" — a common stereotype for Asians height, given the fact that Pacquiao is only 1.5 inches shorter than Mayweather.

Mayweather accuses Pacquiao of not being able to speak English and even says that Pacquiao’s using a fake name: Pacquiao’s first name is actually "Emanual", not "Manny" (‘cuz no one's ever heard of nicknames in boxing, right – "Pretty Boy" Floyd "Money" Mayweather?).

But most extravagantly, Mayweather spends about a minute and a half joking that Pacquiao can take his order for sushi and rice. He suddenly becomes an Asian food eater and chose sushi as his favorite (try some bowl of wasabi, you'll like it too). And get this, comes his fight with Pacquiao, he would "cook him up with some cats and dogs". I did not know that Mayweather is a cannibal. Shall I call the attention of the animal rights advocates? haha..

So yeah folks it's indeed true that Mayweather dissed out Manny Pacquiao!

Watch Floyd Mayweather trash talking Manny Pacquiao Video.

Here are some reactions/comments for this unpalatable and "uneducated comments" of Floydie;
Shaun Webber, Pittsburgh PA: Mayweather is the product of his upbringing the same as everyone else. Living with a drug addict and his father, well we all know what he's like, how can anyone expect Floyd to be any other way?
Colin Platt, Pittsburgh PA: The thing about Floyd is that he can't decide what he wants to be. One minute he wants fans and the next he says he only fights for the money and himself. One minute he says he's a family man and then he's hanging out with rappers and getting into stupid trouble for no reason
Boris Taylor, Pittsburgh PA: Mayweather isn't the first fighter who had a bad time growing up. Didn't Pacquiao's relative eat his dog? And he doesn't go around having his friends shoot at people.

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