Jimmy Johnsons in Survivor Nicaragua

Thursday, September 16, 2010 Posted by relentless

Jimmy Johnsons in Survivor Nicaragua. So this former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson joined "Survivor" eh? Is it just for adventure or because of the money at stake? Survivor's "Battle of the Ages" will be aired every Wednesdays at 8 pm in CBS. It was filmed in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua during the rainy season.

Come to think of it, wisdom comes with age. Older people are educated, wise, articulate and experienced. They know what they want and who they are. It's like saying "I have returned from where you are going".

Younger people are foolish, lazy, peevish, heedless and dare we say, ignorant?

Seems like the Survivor's "Battle of the Ages" is just a mere confusion, a tumult! what do you think?
Not really, Probst told Postmedia News. If anything, the older people had more conflict than the younger people. There were a lot of guys wanting to bump each other off as top dog. And that surprised me, because I just assumed, going in, that older people would say, 'Look, let's just not make any idiotic mistakes; let's find a plan and get along and try to win'.
The younger castaways didn't plan, Probst said: They were, like, 'Who needs a plan?' Yes, I was surprised at that. It reminded me that ego is real, that no matter how old we get, our ego still comes into play.
There might be something to the idea that older people have done more, and therefore feel more qualified in life. Also, when you put a group of type-A personalities together, very few of them are willing to listen to the other guy when they think they have the better answer.
Johnson 67, already tried out to Survivor twice before. But they turned him down, it was found out that he had a heart disease. Now, for the 3rd time around he applied again and this time he is physically and mentally fit, he was accepted.

Another "Huge Personality" is the Gloucester, Mass., commercial fisherman James (Jimmy T) Tarantino. He is 48 years old. Among his personal bugbear is "low tolerance for incompetence" so this means he will not make it easy for his fellow castaways to get along with him?

There's a serious social side to Survivor: Nicaragua's young versus old, Probst said.
I think one of the interesting questions that doing young versus old brings up is: What happens when the tribes merge and they come together? ... You have father figures and mother roles, and a lot of dynamics that we don't often get on Survivor, that can now play into an alliance.
CBS longest running reality-tv program "Survivor" is on it's 21st season. Battle of the Ages will be divided into two tribes of which are La Flor Tribe (30 and younger), and Espade Tribe (over 40). So, are you an Old Geezer or a Punk kid? Which side are you in?

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