Graphene Wins Nobel Prize For Physics | Nobel Prize For Physics Goes To Manchester University Scientists

Tuesday, October 05, 2010 Posted by relentless

Graphene Wins Nobel Prize For Physics, Nobel Prize For Physics Goes To Manchester University Scientists. Two scientists, Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim of Manchester University, won the 2010 Nobel Prize For Physics for creating the thinnest possible flake of carbon -- Graphene.

Graphene-Wins-Nobel-Prize-For-PhysicsNobel Assembly at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm announced today that Andre Geim, 51, and Konstantin Novoselov, 36, received the 10m Swedish-kronor (£1m) prize. Novoselov is the Youngest Nobel Prize Awardee since 1973. These two scientists are both originated in Russia.
I didn't expect the Nobel prize this year because I thought this year would be the year of astrophysics. Geim said on a phone interview after the win.
Graphene Industries who worked hand-in-hand with Geim's research group at the University said that, this carbon is one of a class of two-dimensional materials. They said that this material consists of a hexagonal array of carbon atoms, just like those that can be found in bulk graphite, but is "fundamentally different" from the usual three-dimensional material, because it is flexible.
The discovery of two-dimensional materials means that scientists now have access to materials of all dimensionalities, including zero-dimensional (quantum dots, atoms) and one-dimensional (nanowires, carbon nanotubes), -- Graphene Industries.
Geim said, "It is impossible to describe the range of possible uses for the material".
Imagine 100 years ago and someone found amazing properties of polymers, and at that moment, you don't know what to do with polymers -- you can only imagine the range of applications, Geim said.
I hope that graphene and other two-dimensional crystals will change everyday life as plastics did for humanity.
If you remember last year, three scientists won the physics prize for two inventions that led to two major foundations of the computer age -- fiber optics and digital photography.

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