Pokwang Nagmumura | Watch Pokwang Nagmumura Video

Sunday, October 10, 2010 Posted by relentless

Pokwang Nagmumura, Watch Pokwang Nagmumura Video. This has been circulating around the web and more so in most social networking sites, that ABS-CBN comedy figure POKWANG had this outburst in a certain studio photo shoot and she has been cursing all along while pulling around the mono-block chairs. She was apparently demanding for an explanation.

Heard somewhere that this is just a made-up scene in the set to stir some controversy pertaining the new show of Pokwang, but it is still yet to be confirmed. Until then, let's see how this issue turn out, as time pass by. Meanwhile, watch this "Pokwang Nagmumura video" below for the proof.

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