Help Save a Life: The Rodelio "Dondon" Lanuza Case in Saudi Arabia

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 Posted by relentless

Few days ago someone invited me to support a fan page named "Give Life a Chance". A page that hopes to help Dondon Lanuza's case in Saudi Arabia. I felt terribly sad when I learned about the story of our fellow Filipino in Saudi Arabia, and how his sympathizers use the virtual world to gather every possible help they could get to help him get out of jail. And I couldn't help myself but to empathize for Dondon as well... As I was reading his stories and watching some of his supporters videos asking our government to do something about Dondon's case, I felt the urge to help in my own little way. That is why I'm writing this article about Dondon Lanuza's Case in Saudi Arabia.

Dondon himself pleaded for help and wrote a solicitation letter to Sen. Jinggoy Estrada and Mar Roxas, for his kids welfare that were left here in the Philippines and is now studying in Cavite. And those honorable Senators said they could not help in Dondon's financial problem. How lamenting!

Dondon Lanuza has been convicted for Murder in 2000 and was sentenced to death by beheading on June 10 2002 for killing a Saudi Arabian national. He already suffered 10 years in Damman jail and is now waiting for the verdict of the eldest son of the said Arabian National to turn 18.

I believe our government has ears to listen... I am addressing our President Noynoy Aquino in behalf of Dondon Lanuza's friends and family and those people who supports him to please, please do something on Dondon's case. I'm begging you Mr. President, there is a man out there on the brink of his death in a foreign land and is a father to two children, a husband to his wife, a son to his parents and a friend to his friends appealing for your help that his killing of the Arab National was an act of self-defense. Let us not turn a blind eye on this case Mr. President. I have high hopes on you. The clock is ticking, for crying out loud do something!

I once lived in a foreign land and I understand how difficult it is to be a foreigner. How much more if you languish a decade there in prison? This guy is in dire straits and he needs our government's help. To those people who is now reading this article, please spread the link and support Dondon's Facebook fan page: Give Life a Chance

Let's not argue on who is to be blamed here people and I'm not here to discuss my disgust in our government's international policy either. Let's just do something to help Dondon Lanuza. It is our responsibility as a fellow Filipino. Let's help save a life.

To Dondon Lanuza, and his family please be strong...

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