Karylle Nip Slip Photo in Boracay at ASAP XV Leaked | Karylle Wardrobe Malfunction Photo

Thursday, April 08, 2010 Posted by relentless

Almost two weeks ago, the Philippines and even abroad has been bombarded by Anne Curtis Wardrobe Malfunction (Photo/Video)- The Boracay Incident. Unfortunately, Anne Curtis wasn't the only celebrity that had nip slip that day. The Karylle Nip Slip Photo in Boracay at ASAP XV leaked also occurred.

It must have been for some luck that only few people noticed Karylle Nip-Slip in Boracay at ASAP XV. Apparently, today someone already spilled the beans and published Karylle Wardrobe Malfunction Photo. Now, she can't do anything about it anymore, it's all over the pages and in the Internet. It happened when she was doing a song number with Yeng Constantino and Vina Morales, Arnel Pineda, and Jed Madela.

What a crap! Two celebrity nip slips in the same show? I guess, there's an environmental factor there. I've seen the video and it was pretty obvious that the winds blow really strong at the beach front, the only support of their tops is a thin strap. And dancing in that strong wind with that kind of wardrobe I bet, it will really lead to a "wardrobe malfunction".

Karylle nip-slip scandal photos and video are available but I would rather keep them in private at the moment.

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