Jennylyn Mercado Tattoo Photos | Jennylyn Mercado had a Tattoo

Thursday, April 08, 2010 Posted by relentless

Jennylyn Mercado Tattoo Photos, Jennylyn Mercado had a Tattoo. Someone emailed these photos to me last night, I have no idea where they came from. But, judging from the faint stretch marks I guess this just happened recently. The tattoo is a very intricate design of G-clef symbol.. Hmn, is this her way of telling the world she is single? Or plainly stating that she is musically inclined? Well personally, I don't see anything wrong getting inked. Actually, I have a fleeting thought of getting a tattoo on my neck but for the life of me, I don't think I can stand the pain of having one.

Just a piece of advice for those people who is planning to get inked, you should be educated first before letting anyone touch your skin with that noisy little contraption. Make sure you know how to keep yourselves safe. I heard that the artist must use an autoclave. And some said that the machine and clip-cord should be covered with plastic.I know you'll probably say the whoosy what's its? Lol. So, please do some research first, you should also know how to compare a good tattooist and a bad one. It's better be safe than sorry..

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  1. Anonymous said...

    now days, they also have disposable grips, tubes, and needles instead of using an autoclave to sterilize steel ones... I prefer this as an artist because nothing I use on one person touches another's skin, so there's 0% chance of transfering blood bourne pathogens... which is why we get lisensed! if your going to a home artist, make sure they have an autoclave or use disposable materials and actually dispose of them! look at the wrappers and ask to see them... look for the little blue button inside the needle pack, and make sure the paper backing is firmly stuck to the plastic. ask to see a liscense, if they are unliscensed then ask them to see thier work, ask about risk of infection, and feel free to ask them for client references. we all had to start somewhere.
    try to be safe and smart, and if your uncomfortable being tatted by a house artist, go to a shop! you'll pay extra because they have overhead, but in the end it might give you peace of mind (although I know a few shops who are not nearly as sterile as I, it all depends on the artist and the gear. I dont use plastic covers either, but I thoroughly sterilize everything I dont dispose of (like my machine, cords, power source, ink cap holder, etc...) in alcohol, along with my work surface and the entire floor in my office). in the end you have to do your research, but make sure its something you want for life and that the artist can do it safely, sterile, and to your specifiations.
    *hope this helps*
    oh, also, if they dont put on gloves then refuse thier work. if they take breaks and dont replace thier gloves, get up and leave!

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