Hair Rebonding Adventure and Success Story?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 Posted by relentless

Hair Rebonding Adventure and Success Story?. I took Beauty Culture and Hair Science for six months, 3 years ago. But since I finished that crash course, I haven't tried to practice it yet. Although I do haircuts for my friends but not on a regular basis. So what is this post to do with Hair Rebonding hmn? Well, I actually tried to rebond my husband's hair two weeks ago, but after I finished putting the first solution, my friend Mike came. And he assumed the ironing, because he said he is better than me. hehe. He works at Bench Fix Salon. So I just shrugged and let him continue the work.

I wanted my hair done also but I can only entrust it to my other friend who has been taking care of my hair for years. But apparently I haven't seen her in ages and the saddest part is that I lost her number. Aside from that Mike went to his hometown and I'm really itching to do my hair, so what I did was I tried rebonding my hair last night. I sat in the shower room and look at the mirror while applying the solutions. That was just the easy part though because the hardest part of rebonding is ironing, and it's much harder when you have to do it on your own hair! Lol. But I managed to do it anyways. Whoa! Success! By the way my hair is naturally straight but it's kinda thick I just thought of rebonding to make it manageable and who doesn't like a shiny hair falling from scalp like a cascade huh? =p

Hair Rebonding is a lengthy process indeed, so you need to equip yourself a LOT of patience before deciding to have your hair rebonded. It is still best to ask for a professional or if you want to do it at home, ask someone else to do it for you.

For those people who is wondering how to do it here's how:
It is best to apply the hair straightening cream in a dry hair, because dry hair is much stronger than the wet one. If the hair is dirty, shampoo it quickly and but do not scrub the scalp. Dry it up before applying the first solution which is the hair straightener. For a "virgin hair" leave the solution for 40 minutes. But if the hair has color, damaged or been through rebonding before, just leave the straightener from 15 to 30 minutes. But you have to check it every 5 minutes.

To check if the hair is cooked enough, pull strands of hair from the roots, then if you let go of the strand and it curls, it isn't done yet. If you pull the strands of hair and it turned out straight after it is done already. Rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water(optional) and apply conditioner then dry it up. When it is dried up, section it into five sections and iron it paper thin. Avoid using metal irons because it can be very very hot, and will damage your hair big time. Use ceramic irons. After that, apply the neutralizing cream. This time rinse it with cold water and dry it up again. Iron without sectioning.

Remember not to clip your hair behind your ears, and do not tie it up or put hairpins on it. Do not wet your hair by sweat, do not wash it for 3 days , and avoid fanning your hair as well.

Hair Rebonding is a harsh treatment for the hair because of the chemicals that make it work. So tune in for next post on how to take care of your rebonded hair.

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