Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Episode 7

Wednesday, September 08, 2010 Posted by relentless

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Episode 7. The Cast Aways Has been divided into three tribes with 1 tribe leader each. Tribe leaders will have the chance to choose a cast away that will be in their tribe. Buhawi was the first to choose second was Aira and third was Jon.
Summary of the 3 Tribes:

Magan: BUHAWI, Solenn, Doc Ferds, Elma, Mico, Mykah

Sar Mayee: AIRA, Akihiro, Aubrey, Ervic, Karen, Trizsa

Nagar: JON, Moi, Ahron, Michelle, Ian

For each of the tribe's name, there is a corresponding meaning. Magan - a mythical sea monster resembling a crocodile with a prehensile snout. Sar Mayee - a large long-haired wild or domesticated ox. Nagar - a mythical dragon or serpent without legs, which breath fire, and can turn things to ash just by a look. (

The challenge in this episode is named as "Tulak ng Bibig". Each member of the tribes had to relay an animal part from a big bowl of curry soup. Tribe leaders led the challenge by finding the animal part first in the big fat bowl. The animals parts were chicken head, chicken feet, intestine, tongue, kidney, and pig's tail. Price? For a winning tribe, the perks are rice, flint, bolo and a special guest waiting in their camp. The losing tribe will get a smaller pot with some rice in it, bolo and a match. The lucky tribe in this challenge was NAGAR.

What awaits the tribes after the proclamation of the winner in the challenge is an exploration of a certian Isla Misteryo. A member from each tribe had to be chosen to be sent to the said island. Solenn got chosen for the Magan Tribe, Akihiro for Sar Mayee and Michelle for the Nagar.

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