Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Episode 8

Friday, September 10, 2010 Posted by relentless

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown Episode 8. The "Isla Misteryo" or Mystery Island, that was mentioned in the previous episode was like an island for treasure hunting. The 3 selected Castaways are Akihiro, Michelle and Solenn. They spent the whole day there looting gold coins of which they can use to purchase items from the local Misteryo store such as food, toiletries, precious things from home (such as family pictures) and… Immunity Bracelets. Solenn was kind enough to offer her 10 gold coins so they can eat.

The special guest waiting in Nagar's camp was Season 1's first Sole Survivor JC Tiuseco. But John wasn't very pleased about it, he just hope JC could do something to get their hopes in better heights.

Moi appeared to assumed the post of being 2nd in command and JC noticed her giving orders to just one person - Ian. Of course Ian noticed it too and was unhappy about it.

Seems like the situation in Magan isn't far enough from Nagar because Myka blurted that Doc Ferds also like giving orders specially to her. Buwi get offended by Doc Ferd's disagreement when he prayed to Jesus and to other elements in nature.

In Sar Mayee, Ervic felt that he doesn't belong in the group without Akihiro he was the one who left to do all the heavy stuff. Karen thought that Ervic has no initiative at all. Later at night, Aira accidentally broke the cooking pot, that was unfortunate but he was apologetic of course.

Next day was their first immunity challenge. Nagar and Sar Mayee won the immunity idol. The losing tribe which is Magan will have to lose one tribe member at the Tribal Council.

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