PH, PHL or RP for The Philippines

Friday, October 29, 2010 Posted by relentless

So what is it really for the Philippines in terms of International Codes? For the longest time I remember, RP have been widely used in reference to the Republic of the Philippines. But just recently, the Department of Foreign Affairs had to comply with the country codes set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

So now, the Philippine's International initial or code will be "PH" or "PHL" and not RP, as we've seen and known even in the news headlines.

There are of course reactions as to the usability or adopt ability of the said new International country code. It is argued that people already got used to using RP in their daily transactions and routines.

On October 20, the DFA issued a "DO" or Department Order, stipulating to the Foreign Affairs Sec. Alberto Romulo, 23 consulates general and 4 permanent missions the strict use of PH or PHL in their dispatches and related reports.

The Philippine's ISO numeric code is 608. This can be manifested in passports, visa and authentication papers.

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